Sunday, October 16, 2005

Well today I have to mention about Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush (One Tree Hill).
What is up with them splitting up 5 months into their marriage because Chad suddenly decides he wants to confess to her that while they were engaged he slept with Paris Hilton and others.
What a weak man. Does nobody teach men that it's one way or the other? You either remain single and do whatever your heart (or other part) desires, or you commit and get married and be devoted and trustworthy to the chick you promised you would. It's rather simple I think.
In any case. Paris is just dirty. She is a dirty girl. In any other situation in life she would be the lonely slu... who most guys ignore except when they want to get lai...(you know what I mean).
So good for Sophia for being strong and leaving him, i'm sick of these women taking these slimeballs who break promises back-that only shows that they are weaker than the man.
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