Saturday, October 15, 2005

Hey all! Just thought I would let you know that I am a single Mom between jobs, so if you feel in your heart like visiting this blog might be worth a buck or two once in a while, i'll be ever so grateful!
Now, to the juicy stuff....
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are moving rather fast aren't they? It has been reported that she is currently around 4 months pregnant. That would mean that they were together less than 2 months when she conceived.
With all the partner swapping in Hollywood don't you think they should have been using some protection for a while. Gross. And they say her parents are livid because he is so much older than her and she is now pregnant and unmarried, welcome to the real world Mr. and Mrs. Holmes!
All I know is that she is one lucky chick in knowing that no matter what, her little baby (and her for that matter) will be financially set for generations to come. Not a bad thing to have happen to ya, right?
I just think they have moved too fast for two people who are supposed to be responsible adults in the public eye, but maybe this portrays regular people reality at it's best. Unplanned pregnancy, sex without protection, and angry happens to us and it happens to "them."


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